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Young Lions

Young Lions

Young Lions, a Brisbane band, is reaching incredible heights in an amazing amount of time. The band formed in December 2012 and was signed on with Shock Records, Australia’s largest independent record label, in September 2013. Their first album Burn was released the following month.

With the album being recorded in January 2013, was it a stressful period having an album ready and waiting for 9 months before being signed on?

Oh, absolutely – we were itching to get it out there ever since we finished recording. It’s kind of like when you buy someone a gift for Christmas and you really don’t want to wait until the 25th of December to give it to them. It was hard to keep it to ourselves for such a long time [but] we really wanted to wait for the right moment. We had already set the release date before being approached by Shock saying they wanted to work with us, so the timing was just perfect.

Considering the bands you have already supported, were any of you prepared for the band to achieve so much success in such a short amount of time?

It’s all come as a bit of a surprise really. We’ve been lucky enough to support some of our favourite bands such as Oh Sleeper, Lydia and Senses Fail in the short time we’ve had together, so we are all really excited for what’s coming up in 2014. It’s still really early days however and we’ve got pretty high hopes to take Young Lions overseas in 2014 – just hoping that the momentum we’ve generated so far keeps rolling on.

Shock Records is Australia’s largest independent record label, so being signed on with them is quite a feat. How did it come about?

All the thanks for our hook up with Shock go to our awesome manager Fi. She sent a copy of the album to them and when they listened to it, they fell in love and the rest is history.

Was finding a record label that was right for the band a lengthy, stressful process?

Finding a label to release the album through was never really at the top of our list, it was more in the back of our minds as a ‘that would be nice if it happened’ kind of thing. Shock has been great for us though; they’ve helped out with pressing and distribution costs a lot, given us a lot of great contacts and generally established us as a more legitimate enterprise. So far, working with them has been fantastic.

The band has had so many achievements in such a short amount of time: signing on with a record label, releasing an album and supporting several bands from both in Australia and America. Does success live up to any expectations that you may have held? Or did you envision something else completely?

While we are really happy with how things have gone so far, we are still only a really small band in the grand scheme of things. For having only been around for just over a year it’s been incredible, but none of us are in Lions to feed our egos. We all just genuinely love playing, travelling and sharing our music with people. While what we’ve done so far looks pretty cool on paper, at the end of the day we are all just guys with day jobs who get to do what we love on the weekend.

How have your family and friends been effected by the bands achievements? I imagine they would all be very proud!

Yeah, most of them are. The best thing for me is being able to reconnect with old friends and family members that have moved to other cities throughout Australia. Whenever we play interstate I almost always catch up with some long lost pal at a show or for a coffee while I’m in town. The amount of support from friends locally has been incredible as well. A lot of my friends have been to every show we’ve ever played and having people in the audience that are singing every word really makes you play your best.

Is there any one thing that you believe attributed largely to the band’s success?

Having all been in bands since we were young we had a lot of contacts around the scene – especially our singer Zac and our manager Fi. In any industry the more people you know the easier it is to grow and the same is even truer in the music industry. So yeah, I think that has been the main contributor to our rapid success.

With an upcoming tour supporting The Almost, what other plans are there for the year ahead?

Oh I’m so excited for that tour … I wish it was here already! But aside from that we are heading back into STL Studios in Sydney to record the second album in July and we should have another Australian tour in August along with a whole host of other spot shows all around the place.

What is the next big goal for Young Lions?

For all of us I think the thing we’d all love to do is take our music overseas. The Australian music scene is a drop in the pond compared to the music market in the UK, Europe and America, so we would love to take a shot at making some fans over there.

I think it’s safe to say that this is only the beginning for Young Lions. They are off to an incredible start and at this rate, they are going to be internationally renowned before we know it! 

Photos: © Young Lions

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