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Slip-on Stereo

Slip-on Stereo

Exciting new band, Slip-on Stereo is taking Queensland and Australia by storm! The four-piece Brisbane band has made a name for themselves since coming onto the scene in early 2012. Their dynamic ‘summer sounds’ infuses a mixture of Pop, Funk, Reggae and R’n’B.

How did you guys meet and how did the idea of forming a band come about?

Well … long story short, Zeek and Clint are cousins and Ash and Phil are uncle and nephew. So when Zeek moved down to Brisbane from Bowen he met with Ash and I guess it all came together from there.

The band has played in several festivals and events already this year; is there any one in particular that stands out as a favourite?

Easterfest up in Toowoomba was a favourite of ours. We had a great time and got the opportunity to showcase for the event with a special show planned just for the festival.

Your band is described as having a ‘summer sound’; how did you guys discover your music style?

I guess Zeek and Clint with their islander background have a certain amount of soul and smoothness about them and how they play their instruments, so that has a major role in our sound. We like to think our music can make you smile; for us, summer time [and] listening to music does just that. So I guess the ‘summer sounds’ tag just fits.

The band’s single Mercury was released in June 2013 and the EP (Extended Play) So Long Gravity was released in November. How have they been received by fans?

Positive on the whole. We are happy with the music we have recorded so far but we are looking forward to the new album at the end of the year.

So Long Gravity was recorded with well-known director Anthony Lycenko. What was the recording process and the subsequent launch tour like?

Anthony is an awesome guy and a pleasure to work with. As for the shows to launch the EP, they were great, but anytime we get to play for our fans is awesome.

Have there been any significant obstacles that the band has had to overcome since it formed two years ago? If so, how were they overcome?

The departure of our manager this year was a tough one to overcome, but everything is working out now.

Are there any plans to take the band overseas?

Most definitely; we would love to take our music abroad. For now it’s all in the planning stage but hopefully it’s not too far away for us.

Has the band’s success so far lived up to any expectations that you may have held?

We really didn’t have any expectations. We like to take it one show at a time and try to make the most out of the opportunities that arise.

Is there any one thing that you believe attributed largely to the band’s success?

Our crazy talented lead singer and our awesome families that support us through anything.

What has the band got planned for the rest of 2014?

Plenty of shows and we have an album due to be finished toward the end of the year with tours to support. We are also looking forward to working closely with B105 and other radio stations for release.

Photos: © Slip-on Stereo

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