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Editorial – August 2014

Editorial – August 2014

Positioned 4 Purpose magazine is a journey: the magazine, our team and you, our readers. We are so excited to welcome Changing Habits nutritionist Sheridan Williamson on our journey. Sheridan will challenge our modern dietary habits and cultivate an understanding of the wisdom of our forefathers in bringing us back to real food, real nutrition.

Just this weekend I was reminded that for us to move forward on a journey we have to move — we have to lift our feet and take the next step, then the next. The times on the journey that we have our greatest growth forward is, more often than not, after a test: a challenge that requires that we step out from the comfy and safe, through our fears and insecurities, to a whole new level of us and our capacity.

My greatest battle (like all of us), happens between my two ears. It’s here I react to life’s minute-by-minute situations with self-criticism, self-doubt, self-condemnation and self-pity. That’s when I have to pull out a range of strategies to counteract these thoughts. One great strategy is to stop and assess the fact versus the reaction. What factually has happened here? When a friend is unable to make it to an appointment, the fact is she couldn’t make it. But a whole range of reactions start to surface: I wasn’t a priority, she doesn’t like me, why does this always happen to me, etc. Although I am capable of thinking neutrally (oh well, there’s always next time) or positively (how can I help her through the challenge that prevented her from making it?), for me the best thing in the immediate is to focus on the facts. From there, over time, sometimes more quickly than others, the neutral then positive responses will flow.

What’s your go-to when challenges appear? What’s your default reaction to situations that negatively threaten your status quo?
This issue is chock full of stories of people facing challenges (one, or many!). These people, just like us, had a choice: face it head on and keep walking through it, or curl up and let it swallow them. When you choose to fight, you choose to have the victory.

It’s my hope that the everyday Aussie heroes in this issue will inspire, encourage and motivate us to stay the course. And may our experts make the task a little easier.

Go well my friends, step up, step out … go, knowing God is striding ahead of you … enabling you to live more, give more, be more!

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Meryl is a seasoned Information Professional with over 25 years’ experience. Currently based in Canberra, her day job involves working on large government websites, using content management systems such as Drupal and Squiz Matrix, and administering SharePoint-based intranets. Possessing a wide range of ICT skills, including certification as a Microsoft Office Master, she also develops websites for small business and the not-for-profit sector on the WordPress platform.

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